Film – Bride of the VAMPYRE

Bride of the VampYre

In a Victorian era period a young bride waits for her husband to return. A tribute to the vampire tradition that has haunted us for ages (3 Minutes)

Starring Frankco Edge and Becca Fox


The nicest memory I have of this shoot is that, although we started around, 2PM in the afternoon, we didn’t finish shooting until 3AM the next morning, but both Francko and Becca were super positive and upbeat the whole time – such amazing and talented artists. The white dress that Becca brought along was perfect. Francko did his own makeup and it turned out great – amazing black shadow under the eyes and the slicked back hair. Although we did had problems with keeping the fingernails attached to his fingers. It all worked out at the end.

This film got screened on the patio of a bar in the market as part of the IFCO Dogme Challenge in September 2019. All films screened on 16mm films with non synch audio. A very cool event as they always are. Thanks to The Headquarters bar for hosting this screening.