The Films and
Photography of
Deniz Berkin

at Dawn


Bride of the Vampyre

In a Victorian era setting a young bride waits for her husband to return, A tribute to the Vampire tradition (3 Minutes)

SHe Came from above

The final days are imminent. Two friends are awaiting the end. A young lady faces moral challenges as she tries to live her last days according to her own set of values. (8 Minutes)

Beneath Silent Windows

A back alley encounter between a a young artist and an unlikely purse snatcher (3 1/2 Minutes)


Hidden GEMS

In a daze of surreal lights and swirling imagery emerge portraits of hidden gems.

Sirens of the Sea

Explore the sirens of the sea, an endless landscape of possibilities.

Dusk’s EARLY Light

In the calm hours after sunset the buildings blend into the sky like ghostly guardians of the night.